Advanced Crown Lengthening Procedures

Diagnosis, classification, and management with conventional and digital approaches.

Course Overview

The esthetics and beauty of the smile are determined not only by the lips and shape, position, and color of the teeth, but also by their existing relations with the gingiva and the overall harmony of the face. The harmony of the smile depends on esthetic criteria based on respect for the horizontal, vertical, and sagittal references.

Course Topics

Periodontal Parameters

  • Face
  • Lips
  • Gingiva
  • Bone
  • Teeth
  • Biologic Width


Classification and Diagnosis

  • Natural Passive Eruption
  • Delayed Passive Eruption


Crown Lengthening Procedures

  • Without Osseous Resection
  • With Osseous Resection: Conventional and Digital Approach
  • With Forced Eruption / Osseous Resection
  • With Osseous Resection / Connective Tissue Grafting / Prosthetic


Course Instructor

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