Crown Lengthening

for Predictable Esthetic and Functional Restorative Treatment Outcomes

Course Overview

Dive into the nuanced world of crown lengthening with Dr. James Kohner, and master a procedure pivotal to both the esthetics and functionality of restorative dentistry. This comprehensive course goes beyond the basics to offer a deep dive into clinical crown lengthening, ensuring that every restoration you perform meets the highest standards of predictability and excellence.
Learn to navigate the complexities of both functional and esthetic crown lengthening with an evidence-based approach. From managing hard and soft tissues, employing proper surgical techniques, to achieving esthetic final tissue contours and respecting the biologic width, this course covers all essential aspects to elevate your practice.
Featuring hands-on exercises, detailed case illustrations, and video demonstrations, this full-day workshop offers a practical learning experience on pig jaws and anatomically correct models, catering to clinicians at all levels of surgical expertise.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will:

Core Learning Outcomes

This hands-on workshop and lecture series delves into:

Why This Course Is Essential

For dentists committed to delivering excellence in esthetic and functional crown restorations, this course is indispensable. It equips participants with the knowledge and skills to confidently perform crown lengthening, ensuring restorative success that aligns with the highest esthetic demands and functional needs of patients.
Join us to refine your expertise in crown lengthening, expand your treatment offerings, and enhance the overall quality of your restorative dentistry practice.


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